What's for Breakfast?


Waking up to daylight on your face, you pull the duvet closer, bleary eyed but happy. You lie still, eyes closed, trying to collect the fragments of your dreams into something coherent, but give up as consciousness begins to muddle and chase away the ghostly half-formed memories. And just as you begin to reflect, as you do every morning, how satisfying—how decadent—it would be to lie in bed all day, your body starts to wake up, demanding a scratch here and a stretch there. Finally, your belly pipes up and your sloth suddenly gives way to gluttony. Forget sugar plums: stacks of pancakes, thickly buttered slices of toast and the dream team, bacon and eggs, can-can through your head. You’re torn. But eventually, inevitably, your stomach wins out. You throw the duvet back, stretch and make a beeline for the kitchen.

It’s one of our shared delights, this daily morning ritual of pots and pans and bowls and spoons, of grind-filter-pour-sip. Whether we enjoy it at home, on-the-go or even vicariously through Instagram, breakfast is boss. So to celebrate Acorn Mag’s return (did you miss us?) and with the help of some generous friends, we’ve rounded up ten breakfasts from around the world. Feast your eyes.



[stag_icon icon="instagram" url="" size="15px" new_window="no"] @TRISHATES Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia This is Malaysia's most quintessential breakfast at home – a few pieces of Hup Seng's cream crackers and a hot cup of Milo to dip into. Nothing gets as satisfying as this simple meal, a reminiscent to my childhood and something many Malaysians – Indians, Chinese and Malays, can relate to. As the busy week draws to a close on Friday, nothing gets as comforting as waking up (late, as one should) to a simple breakfast at home.[/stag_one_half] [stag_one_half_last]La Chambre des Oiseaux Marissa Cox

[stag_icon icon="instagram" url="" size="15px" new_window="no"] @RUERODIER Paris, France This cute vintage-style cafe with William Morris wallpaper serves one of the best value for money breakfasts in Paris. Breakfast + a hot drink for €12! And it's good too – choose from a plate of cheese & charcuterie or granola & yogurt that comes accompanied by great selection of bread and jams. They also do a brunch on Sundays, but make sure you book![/stag_one_half_last] [/stag_columns]


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[stag_icon icon="instagram" url="" size="15px" new_window="no"] @ANDDICTED Milan, Italy Our favorite homemade bagels with salmon and cream cheese to start the day right.[/stag_one_half] [stag_one_half_last]

[stag_icon icon="instagram" url="" size="15px" new_window="no"] @SHEWHOEATS Nagano, Japan This is a traditional japanese breakfast, not my usual breakfast. Japanese rice, miso soup, grilled fish, pickles and condiments, ohitashi, natto with chunks of avocado and cherry tomatoes.[/stag_one_half_last] [/stag_columns]

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[stag_icon icon="instagram" url="" size="15px" new_window="no"] @FRAMBOISEJAM Milan, Italy Breakfast at home with the most delicious homemade berry tart.

[/stag_one_half] [stag_one_half_last]@verdenius- toast has egg, mayonaise, radish and fresh parsley

[stag_icon icon="instagram" url="" size="15px" new_window="no"] @VERDENIUS Amsterdam, Netherlands Toast with egg, mayonnaise, radish and fresh parsley on it.[/stag_one_half_last] [/stag_columns]


[stag_icon icon="instagram" url="" size="15px" new_window="no"] @AFRODITESKITCHEN Cyprus, Greece A weekend breakfast in Cyprus can vary a lot. Many people love their local fruit, of which there is a lot. But most families also always have something homemade to hand or will go down the road to the bakery to pick something up for breakfast. This picture shows a Cypriot crepe like dessert called a "katimeri". It is essentially a Cypriot version of a folded crepe which is served with honey and cinnamon. It is enjoyed as a special morning treat in my family, made be my aunt when our large family gathers together. And, of course, in Cyprus, no breakfast – weekend or weekday – would be complete without drinking a Cypriot coffee.[/stag_one_half] [stag_one_half_last]Processed with VSCOcam with n1 preset

[stag_icon icon="instagram" url="" size="15px" new_window="no"] @DIALASKITCHEN Toronto, Canada Sundays at home, are all about warm hugs, pj's and berry waffles with maple syrup. [/stag_one_half_last] [/stag_columns]

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[stag_icon icon="instagram" url="" size="15px" new_window="no"] @INAYALI Montreal, Canada Turkish breakfast is heavily based on the idea of sharing. I met with my friend at Cihangir, one of the most popular and hippest neighbourhoods in Istanbul, to have a traditional breakfast. Although it varies from region to region, there are a few staples that are always featured: olives, white cheese, kaymak (similar to clotted cream) and honey, cucumber, tomatoes and of course Turkish tea![/stag_one_half] [stag_one_half_last]@lavinia_cernau_1

[stag_icon icon="instagram" url="" size="15px" new_window="no"] @LAVINIA_CERNAU Transylvania, Romania Breakfast at one of the oldest café-restaurants in Budapest, the Art Nouveau, Vienna-style Café Central (Centrál Kávéház). We were greeted with high ceilings adorned with brass lamps and leather-backed armchairs, the perfect old charm place to wake up and smell the coffee.[/stag_one_half_last] [/stag_columns]