Soup's On!


Make resolutions as tasty and comforting as possible this year. To inspire us this month, we’ve asked some of our favourite Instagrammers from around the world to share their favourite warming winter soups. From @_foodstories’ hearty butternut-sunchoke purée to @iamafoodblog’s rich, buttery pho, these meals-in-a-bowl are sure to keep you toasty & well nourished.


[stag_icon icon="instagram" url="" size="15px" new_window="no"] @charissa_fay NYC, USA

One of the best things about NYC's diverse population is the global food culture that is celebrated here.  And in particular, one type of soup that New Yorkers are fanatical about is ramen.  One of my favorites is Ramen Lab on the Lower East Side.  This is total comfort food in a bowl - fresh silky noodles, aromatic broth, rich toppings and green onions complement each other perfectly.


[stag_icon icon="instagram" url="" size="15px" new_window="no"] @modernfarmette Ireland

Sweet pea, stinging nettle, turf-smoked ham and mint... super yoooom!


[stag_icon icon="instagram" url="" size="15px" new_window="no"] @lammaigal Milan, Italy

Vallutata di zucca (pureed pumpkin soup)

It's been my favourite soup since I enjoyed it during my trip in Estonia two years ago , when it was so cold outside . I think the perfect way to prepare it is to boil the pumpkin slowly with a potato to make it very creamy and a sautéed onion to make it more savoury. I always add some toasted pumpkin seeds and a fresh mozzarella or some cream before to serve it. Parmigiano is always a good idea as well!

[stag_icon icon="instagram" url="" size="15px" new_window="no"] @_foodstories_ Berlin, Germany

Butternut Squash-sunroot soup with red kale chips & a cozy campfire. [Acorn note: Campfire not required, but strongly recommended.]

@lemonpiy- PumpkinTurmericSoup

[stag_icon icon="instagram" url="" size="15px" new_window="no"] @lemonpiy Sydney, Australia

it's vegan pumpkin and turmeric soup, which isn't particularly "Australian", but pumpkin soup is pretty popular here too!


[stag_icon icon="instagram" url="" size="15px" new_window="no"]@iamafoodblog Vancouver, Canada

Bun bo hue, a fiery spicy red hued Vietnamese noodle soup is a little less known than it's popular counterpart, pho, but those in the know know that it's the good stuff. It's spicy, sour, salty, and sweet all at once. Fresh rice noodles swim in a beef and pork lemongrass broth and are topped off with tender, slow simmered brisket and a bunch of fresh herbs. Seriously good!


[stag_icon icon="instagram" url="" size="15px" new_window="no"] @ditsen Copenhagen, Denmark

My favorite spicy hokkaido soup with tomato and coconut milk. I top the soup with mint, roasted hazelnuts and pomegranate. I like to serve my paleo bread with avocado on the side.

The recipe is on my blog, but only in Danish.


[stag_icon icon="instagram" url="" size="15px" new_window="no"] @artfuldesperado Vancouver, Canada

A butternut squash, curry, and coconut soup with coconut cream. It's spicy, creamy, super cozy; the perfect treat for those rainy stay-at-home days!