Taste the rainbow

One look at the photos below confirms it: colour is Pang’s wheelhouse. Before becoming a food and travel photographer, Paritha Wannawani (aka. Pang) worked in the fashion industry, where her job revolved heavily around colour schemes. Her weapon of choice? The Pantone book. Today, she still sees the world as an interplay of colours, tones and hues, and this eye-popping project is an homage to that.

“I believe colours can convey messages," she says, "messages like: ‘Come visit my vibrant city of San Francisco, where your sweet tooth can indulge in desserts in every colour of the rainbow'."

Message received, loud and clear!

By Paritha Wannawanit

I am a food & travel photographer living in San Francisco, CA, one of the most food centric cities in the world. I was born and raised in Thailand. Every year, I visit my beloved country and surrounding region. Thailand’s beautiful countryside and vibrant, colorful cities inspired me to become a photographer.

I love shooting fine foods as much as I enjoy eating them. Fine dining and street food both have an equal place in my heart (and tummy), though I must say that I lean toward street food when given a choice. I also run a food blog, 'circahappy'; it’s my corner of the internet where I cook, style, shoot with my own props, and just have fun being creative.

My work has been published in ‘Saveur’ and ‘Wine Enthusiast Magazine’. My photos also won 3rd place and ‘highly commended’ from ‘Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year’ — the world’s leading celebration of the art of food photography and film, in 2016 from the U.K.