Meals on wheels: Copenhagen by bike


There are more bikes than people in Copenhagen. And in a city where the rides outnumber the riders and the bike lanes are safe, sacrosanct and ubiquitous, it’s no surprise that over 50% of the population favours handlebars over hatchbacks for their daily commute.

All that pedalling calls for frequent refuelling and based on our extensive research, Copenhagen’s diversified culinary scene delivers. On a recent trip to the city, we scoped out some of the best on-the-go snack and meal options for sightseeing cyclists and time-strapped Danes.

Meals on wheels has never looked so good.


Meyers Bageri @meyersmad Launched by Noma co-founder and all around Danish celebrity megachef, Claus Meyer, Meyers Bageri locations dot the city. And with good reason: the bread is hearty, rustic and organic, the pizza is soul-satisfying and the pastries have cult followings… like the Cinnamon Twist, a.k.a. Kanelsnurre. Flavoured with cardamom and cinnamon, this elegant nordic bun will keep you going all day.

DOP Dog For all the handlebar-loving hipsters out there, Dop Dog’s for you. Sitting on an oh-so-Instagrammable cobbled pedestrian side street, this 100% organic hot dog stand doles one of the city’s most beloved handheld meals. Get the classic hot dog served with fresh and fried onions, mustard, ketchup, and remoulade, or—for something completely different—opt for a side of mashed root vegetables or traditional stewed kale. Veggie dogs available too.


Copper & Wheat Duck Fat Fries at Outdoor Food Market @copperandwheat

Twice-fried duck fat fries by two displaced Frenchmen who’ve put their heart and soul into bringing their native food to the good people of Copenhagen. ‘Nuff said (we had you at “duck fat fries”, didn’t we?). Copper and Wheat’s Alexandre Fristot and Pierre Cacheux can be found scooping piping hot frites into their iconic paper cones at the city’s Kødbyens Mad & Marked (Meatpacking district food & market festival) in the summer or at Paper Island’s Street Food Market year-round.


Oluf’s @olufs_is

This isn’t your mama’s Italian ice cream shop in Copenhagen. Oluf’s take tradition and turns it on its head by offering dreamy chocolate-dipped ice cream bars in a variety of excellent and unexpected flavours. White chocolate-covered rhubarb, mint gelato dipped in chocolate and rolled in crushed meringue and liquorice gelato dipped in lemon-flavoured white chocolate are just a taste of some of their daily offerings. Pair your frozen treat with a freshly made house espresso for the perfect combination of hot and cold.


Smag in Torverhallerne @smagnudk

If you’re visiting Copenhagen, you’ll undoubtedly be visiting Torverhallerne, the city’s market-cum-food hall-cum-meeting place. Lock up your bike with the rest of the flock outside, and then hit the hallerne to browse the booze, food, and wares on offer. If you’re in a hurry, head straight to Smag for an eminently portable sandwich. Original flavours served on traditional rye.


FAT Burger at Paper Island / Papirøen

Nestled among a bevy of other head-turning food stalls at Paper Island’s legendary street food warehouse, FAT burger is just the place for a mid-day meal. With its puffy brioche-like bun and luxury toppings (think: pickled red onion, crispy marinated kale, cheddar, bacon, pickles, and chili mayo), this beloved local burger joint provides rocket fuel for long days of pedalling. Eat it on the go or enjoy a digestive postprandial beer by the water on Paper Island before two-tiring away to your next adventure.

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