Instameet: @whatforbreakfast

Sleepy and unbrushed, you slosh the last dregs of milk onto stale cornflakes. As you tuck into your modest morning repast, you start swiping through your Instagram feed. A moody, seductive photo of a stack of crispy waffles catches your eye and you pause, cornflakes going soft in your mouth, to read the caption: “Millet waffles with blue cheese, avocado, bacon, asparagus and cranberries”. You manage (just) to swallow your unsatisfying mouthful. You tap through to @whatforbreakfast’s feed and start scrolling through the images of sweet and savoury breakfast of all kinds. Motivation, desire, inspiration… these are just a few of the things you feels as you take in her creations. That’s it, you decide, pushing aside your bowl of cereal, no more mundane breakfasts for me. Marta Greber has inspired you, as she does almost anyone who lands on her picture-perfect feed. We got in touch with the tenacious Pole to find out what inspired her to start sharing her morning meals with the world.


How did things get started for you? It all started by accident. I went for a longer trip by myself and came back home with salmonella. I’d decided to go on a cleanse diet and it made me hungry for my favorite flavours: everything sweet plus bacon with eggs, pancakes and so on. It made me want to cook, too. I started preparing amazing breakfasts for my partner Tomasz. It was a real treat—I was buying fresh flowers, setting up a table and waking him up definitely too early to enjoy it. At the same time, I was writing about his impressions and taking pictures. I used to write a travel blog for years before my food blog, so starting a new one was kind of natural. After my cleanse was over, I wanted to give up on my blog as well, but I got some very nice e-mails and I’m still writing it.

What was your life like before your blog and Instagram? I was a lawyer, working in a legal practice. After some time, I decided that I needed a break, and I quit. I started to travel a lot which is how my travel blog got started. I always liked to eat good breakfasts, but since having a blog, I pay more attention to details, to the set-up of an entire table and the meals that are more varied.

How have your blog and Instagram changed things for you?

I’ve become more creative and aware. I’ve met amazing people, who I stay in touch with and who, over time, have become my friends. My blog was my hobby, but it has since become my work… work that I truly enjoy.


Why did you decide to focus on breakfast? I like breakfasts and it is a meal that I knew I could share with Tomasz. When I started my blog, Tomasz was working in an agency and we went out for dinner with friends quite often so breakfast was our “together meal”.

What’s your most coveted prop? Maybe my Chemex [laughs]. It’s been in so many pictures. I usually shoot a whole breakfast scene and coffee is a must. I have two favourite greenish plates as well. You can see them from time to time. And my kitchen table! I love it! I could easily shoot only on it.

Favorite breakfast you’ve made? Baked millet with fruit. So easy, so delicious. I make it on a regular basis.

Current favorite Instagram accounts? @nicole_franzen, @robbiel1, @laine_magazine


Upcoming projects? Too many! I’ve just started a series about eating breakfast in nature, in random places. There’s also a great project that I made for Food and Wine that will be launched soon. It’s been a busy year.

Your ideal day? Getting up early: the sun is shining and I have a long, delicious breakfast on our balcony. Then I’d go to a farmers market and, afterwards, just wander around with Mia and Tomasz. I love to do just this.

Favourite ice cream flavour? Salted caramel