Cool summer


The magic words? Historically: "please" and "thank you". But at Acorn mag the magic words are "ice cream". From Japan to Paris to Toronto, these two little words make eyes light up and hearts beat a little bit faster. Diplomatic and inclusive, ice cream provides a flavour for every taste and preference. And even those whose diets don't allow dairy can indulge in a number of intriguing alternatives (think: cashew-, sweet potato milk- and coconut milk-based options). The best part? This cool, milky treat boasts characteristics—softness, pliability, versatility—that make it ideal for experimentation. Sandwiched between two biscuits, shaped into an elegant cake or wrapped in a waffle, we've rounded up some frozen dessert inspiration from far and wide in this edition of Around the World. Happy brain freeze!


@thiswildheartToronto, Canada

Sesame wooffle with matcha and vanilla soft serve twist from Wooffles & Cream.


@linda_lomelino Sweden 

Strawberry cheesecake.


@whatscookingoodlooking NYC, USA

Banana ice cream sandwiches(df+gf) with almond butter crisps + cacao crunch.


@lostncheeseland Paris, France

@Une_Glace_a_Paris scoops up 3 different types of coffee flavors, including one sorbet.


@erinireland traveling in Japan

Strawberry kakigori (aka Japanese shave ice) with tapioca pearls and shiratama at Kakigori Cafe & Bar Yelo in Tokyo's Roppongi district.


@lumadeline San Francisco, USA

Vegan Strawberry Cashew Frozen Cake.


@valentinahortus Marche, Italy

Vegan creamy & luscious vanilla ice-cream + coconut pulp vegan, gluten-free crinkle cookies + chocolate.


@artfuldesperado Vancouver, Canada

Super fudgy dark chocolate, cherry, and tayberry swirl ice cream.