Cake + circumstance

Welcome to the inaugural post of Acorn Magazine!


Acorn is a platform where we explore and celebrate food and culture though visual storytelling; the merging of food and art. Food is a thread that binds us all together, not only in our hometown of Vancouver, but across the world. This beautiful celebratory cake is a metaphor for what we strive to achieve here at Acorn: bringing together people to tell and share stories through food.We are Tina and Joann, two creatives bonded by our passions for food, this awesome city, and hot sauce. Acorn represents a little idea, an idea that starts small and with some nurturing, grows into a mighty oak. And perhaps one day, we will be standing in the middle of a forest all because we planted one little Acorn.

We hope this magazine provides inspiration to live a simple, creative and balanced life. Flower arrangement & cake by Jackie Kai Ellis of Beaucoup Bakery