Instameet: @historiadelciervo


So, @historiadelciervo, tell us what is a typical day like for you? 
Lately, I don't have a typical day. I'm currently working as an international cake decorating trainer so am constantly traveling and enjoying different cultures and places. If I'm at home, I usually wake up early and stay in bed for a few minutes checking social media (news, memes and weird stories), then I have a small breakfast and get ready to start replying to emails, comments and direct messages, and doing some work online. If I have time and feel inspired, I'll bake a new cake or a new recipe for my blog, which I love doing. This baking, decorating, shooting and editing can take all day. If I'm not doing that, I'll be working on virtual tasks, having lunch with my mom and maybe visiting friends in my hometown. 

How did things get started for you? 
I've always been into creative activities, like painting, designing, drawing and writing. Cooking has always quietly been a part of my life. When I started baking at home 4 years ago, I discovered that I could combine baking and creativity. It all started when I tried to bake chocolate muffins. They were a disaster: they exploded in the oven and melted like lava. I was so frustrated that I pushed myself to bake them again... and they were a fail again. So I got obsessed with baking. I spent the next six months finding recipes, reading books, watching video tutorials and getting inspired by great bakers I found on the internet. Since then, I haven't stopped of baking. I soon started my blog Historias del Ciervo because I wanted to teach people the things I was learning at the time. My IG account became popular thanks to some short cake decorating videos, which would go viral. I started to get noticed by people all around the world. It's been a storm of really good things happening ever since.

What are your greatest sources of inspiration for your Cakes? 
They come from almost everywhere, and every day. My Instagram feed has become my daily yoga: I spend hours looking at my feed and Instagram's trending baking and cake decorating content. I'm in love with the idea that knowledge is free and people around the world have something to teach me. I also get a lot of inspiration from my own memories. I think about my first birthday cakes, so fluffy and tackily decorated. Lately, I've been feeling very inspired by the fables, fairy tales and magical stories I used to read as a child. I love using fresh, natural ingredients like fruit and flowers I also love glitter, bright colours and shiny shiny shiny. 

Are you self-taught or did you have formal training? 
I took a short series of baking classes in Medellín, Colombia, the city where I lived until recently. It was a three-month course where I learned the basics of French baking, including pastries, doughs, fillings and cakes. It changed my life, as it allowed me to finally bake successfully. After that, I started watching video tutorials on YouTube, reading blogs, taking free online classes and consuming anything else I could find about cake decorating and food styling. Practicing every tip and trick was what allowed me to achieve what I have today. 

What is the one kitchen tool you simply cannot live without? 
My KitchenAid. It changed my life. 

Do you have a favourite creation? Or something you've made that stands out in your mind (either because it was particularly difficult to make, or there was a story behind it)? 

Every cake has a very special place in my heart. They're unique and represent a time, a moment and/or a specific feeling for me. My cake darling is definitely my pink ombre cake, with chocolate glaze and cherries on top. That cake brought wonderful things into my life. Posting its video allowed people started to discover me and my Instagram account started to grow. It was my first viral post on Instagram, so it has a special place in my heart. More recently, it was a cake that I fully covered with floral-print edible paper and decorated with fresh flowers and fruit. People loved that cake, and it lead to my current career as a teacher. 

If you weren't making cakes, what would you be doing? 
Probably illustrating or something related to graphic design. I also love fashion illustration, food styling and astrology. 

What is you favourite food (non-dessert)? 
Italian food. Pasta and Pizza. Can't live without it. Also Indian curry, Thai and Chinese. 

Current favourite Instagram accounts? 
My all-time favorite account @linda_lomelino! Thanks to her blog I discovered that cakes are beautiful in such different ways. 
I love Cakes by Cliff, Don't tell CharlesTortikannuchka and Rymondtn in the cake decorating world. They're all amazing and very talented people. 

A friend is visiting your city for just one day. Where do you take them and what do you do? 
I live in a very small town in Colombia, named Armenia, in the country's coffee-growing region. Just 20 minutes away from my place you can see the most beautiful green landscapes ever. So this friend should be ready for a day of long, quiet, unforgettable trekking.