About Acorn

Acorn is a collaborative online magazine that explores food and culture through visual storytelling.
It’s a place where little ideas take root and grow—where we celebrate the world’s extraordinary places, people and ideas. It’s a community of creators of all kinds, who work together on passion projects for the hell of it. Because making things just feels good.

And who are we?
Three creatives who never would have known the others existed if it hadn’t been for Instagram. We cherish this platform for the friends it’s made us and the places it’s taken us… not to mention its uncanny ability to bring people together, spark new ideas and cultivate communities like this one. In fact, Acorn’s very existence depends on the talent and generosity of this community. If you’re a writer, photographer or creator of any sort, get in touch.

Joann Pai is a food & travel photographer in Paris, originally from Vancouver, Canada. Joann started taking photographs as a way to document small moments in life, mostly surrounding food, and continues to explore how food brings people together and keeps them connected. She love all types of food but noodle soups have a special place in her heart.

Tina Albrecht is a graphic designer and photographer, living in Vancouver. Her images capture moments in her life ranging from expansive landscapes, to small intricate details and food lovingly prepared and staged. Her photo’s have a feeling of intimacy that invites the viewer in, to take part in her artistic journey.